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There can be many situations where you genuinely wish that you had the access to a reliable auto locksmith service. Getting locked out of your car is one such scenario. It is never pleasant to lose control of your car but if on top of that you are stuck in an unfamiliar part of the city, then you may need quick assistance. Old West Austin TX Locksmith Store is one such name in Old West Austin which has never disappointed its customers when they have called us for help. Our team is available for 24/7 support and we will dispatch a team of mobile locksmiths to serve you right after you call us.

Aside from lockout assistance, our technicians help you in unlocking jammed trunks, do ignition repairs and extract broken keys. Our locksmiths have the experience to work on any kind of car model, no matter what the make and year of the vehicle is.

24-hour mobile locksmith service

Every second is precious in the case of a car lockout. Your infant can be locked inside the car and you can be stranded outside helplessly waiting for assistance. We understand such delicate situations and to make sure that every precious second is saved we offer 24/7 support through professional mobile locksmith vehicles. Not only are these vehicles made for quick support during emergencies but they are also fully equipped with all the essential tools, that our locksmiths might require in the field.

Car keys for every model

If you have ever misplaced or lost your car keys, you will know that it is almost impossible to get them back. The only solution is to use the spare key that came with the car. But if you don’t have a spare key, then you will need immediate assistance of a car locksmith. We at Old West Austin TX Locksmith Store have a dedicated team especially for making any kind of car keys for any car model. We can create high-security laser car keys, replace key fobs, create and reprogram transponder car keys and a lot more, even on the side of the road, if needed.

Ignition repair

We make ignition keys and quickly repair ignition switch of your vehicle. We have also removed hundreds of broken keys from ignitions, without causing any damage to the ignition. We know ignition related problems can stop you from using your vehicle and aim to quickly respond to such queries.

Trunk locks

Having a broken or jammed trunk lock can be a constant headache if you don’t get the lock replaced or changed immediately. We can replace and repair locks, unlock jammed trunks and replace broken keys for you whenever you call us for help.

Our automotive locksmith services include the following:
Old West Austin TX Locksmith Store, Austin, TX 512-377-1949

  • 24/7 emergency locksmith assistance
  • Fast automotive lockouts resolution
  • Rekey and reprogram locks
  • New car keys development on site
  • Ignition repairs
  • Quickly clone ignition keys
  • Emergency opening of trunks
  • GM VAT keys duplication
  • Lock repairs and replacement
  • Installation of locking systems that use high-security keys
  • Availability anywhere in Old West Austin, TX
  • Onsite key cutting and key duplication

And more

Our automotive services are unrivaled in and we constantly aim to improve our offering. We are adding to our large network of mobile locksmith vehicles as well as training our current employees and hiring new talent. We are more reliable, cost-effective than your car dealer in the case of an emergency. Plus, we are available 24/7, unlike your car dealer and even if they are available they will not be as quick as us.

So save our number 512-377-1949 on your phone and call us when you need the services of a reliable locksmith service in Old West Austin, TX.