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As a leading commercial locksmith in Old West Austin, Old West Austin TX Locksmith Store can establish or maintain security in any type of structure. We know no two businesses are the same, even if they are in the same line of business. So it is important to provide well thought out solutions based on the needs of a particular business. Old West Austin TX Locksmith Store has a long list of commercial clients who use our services for everything including lock repairs to devising security systems from scratch for their office premises. Our esteemed clientele includes some of the following businesses and buildings:

  • Business Outlets BanksOld West Austin TX Locksmith Store, Austin, TX 512-377-1949
  • Restaurants
  • Office Spaces
  • Care Centers
  • Schools / Universities
  • Parking spaces
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Entertainment centers
  • Apartments
  • Cafes
  • Shopping Complexes

Having a reliable locksmith service at their disposal has given our commercial clients the confidence that they will be helped quickly and efficiently, with virtually no loss of productivity in case of any locksmith emergency. Our clients have full faith in us and in the past have called us for installing various locks, devising master key systems for their offices, create high-security keys for restricted areas and installing advanced locks for maximum security.

Our major services include:

Lock Repair

It is important to keep a check on the quality of locks that are old. No business would like to suffer a loss because of an old and rusty lock. Vandals and thieves are always on the lookout to exploit businesses that do not have robust locks in place. So it becomes highly imperative to make sure that all the locks at your office, restaurants, banks and cafes are in top condition. If they are damaged and need repair or replacement, you can always call us for quick and affordable locksmith solutions.

Advanced locks systems

Advanced lock systems like keyless entry locks, digital locks, and keypad locks are specifically built to reduce the dependency on keys. Moreover, they provide restricted entry solutions so that you control who enters which part of the building. Our professional locksmiths have vast knowledge on avariety of advanced locking systems and you can get your office equipped with a suitable one in no time.

Key related services

Having a reliable locksmith on-call for any key related issue can be a boon for any business. You would not want any downtime in your services due to a broken or misplaced. We at Old West Austin TX Locksmith Store understand this and are adept at creating any kind of keys for our clients. We are masters at making high-security keys, implementing master and sub-master key systems and replacing misplaced and broken keys. We can also rekey your locks in such a way that a misplaced or stolen key cannot open the lock anymore.

Emergency exit locks 

Emergency exit locks are a must for any building. Not only are they important for your own safety and the safety of your employees & customers, they also save you from hefty fines from authorities. Any building that does not have proper emergency exit locks in place can attract huge fines from the government. So it is better to have emergency exit locks like push bars and panic locks in place for your business. We provide installation and periodic maintenance support for emergency exit locks so that you always feel safe.

Our commercial locksmith services include the following:

24/7 emergency locksmith

  • Broken key extraction
  • Availability in Old West Austin, TX
  • Emergency opening of doors​Old West Austin TX Locksmith Store, Austin, TX 512-377-1949
  • New locks installation without affecting the working of your business
  • Fast commercial lockout resolution
  • Installation of high-security locks
  • Keyless entry locks installation
  • Keypad-powered locks
  • Development of master key systems
  • Magnetic lock systems
  • Push Bars and panic locks installation
  • Installation of file cabinet locks

If you have any commercial locksmith concern in Old West Austin, call Old West Austin TX Locksmith Store today and sit with our security expert to discuss what’s best for your business. We will have a comprehensive plan in place in no time and you will be able to implement the suggested solutions in double quick time, without affecting your day to day working.